Good Advice on Beating Weight Problems

Good Advice on Beating Weight Problems

Over the past 10 years, the news relating to childhood obesity in the united kingdom have been dismal, with estimations that, by 2050, as much as ninety per cent of children may very well be obese, resulting in an increased chance of diabetes type 2, cardiovascular disease and heart stroke. But at last there’s cause for optimism. The most recent research shows that the tide might finally be turning. Estimations for 2020 demonstrate that the number of obese youngsters aged 2-11 are down by nine per cent, and 28 per cent amid teens. So what’s making the difference and how could you help your child to eat more healthily?

Government and health service initiatives all appear to be having a positive influence. The 5-A-Day scheme, which encourages families to eat more fruit and veg and the Food Standards Agency’s traffic light system, which labels food according to its fat, sugar and salt content, are pointing people in the right direction when it comes to making healthier food choices. And the Government’s Change4Life campaign has definitely seen many parents looking at not only their own lifestyles and eating habits, but also those of their youngsters.

As Change4Life advocates, just making a few small changes to your child’s diet could make all the difference.

Top tips include:

* Sugar Swaps – swap to sugar-free or no-added-sugar products.

* Me Size Meals – keep an eye on meal sizes and serve little ones kid-sized portions.

* Meal Times – eat 3 meals daily and you should be more unlikely to snack.

* Decrease Fat – look at food labeling and go with low-fat items, grill rather than fry food and trim down any excess fat.

* Snack Check – plenty of treats are high in calories, fat, sugar and salt, so offer healthier options like products from your local supermarket’s own more healthy food range.

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