Mark G.

Mark G.

Mark’s passion about health and fitness has driven him towards being a personal trainer and an optimal living coach, his attitude towards constant development and refinement follows a number of simple key principles that he incorporates with his clients to achieve results.
The path that Mark has undertaken in life has enabled him to develop his understanding of movement and coordination primarily through the study of various Martial arts, this base has also allowed Mark to further his interest in exercise and fitness related activities.
Mark specialises in the areas of weight loss and tone, functional strength development and flexibility.
Change can sometimes be an uncomfortable process especially if we need to adapt or reintegrate ourselves towards activity but with regular interaction with Mark the process of realising your goals becomes a very real prospect.

Mark’s Personal message to you:
“This life that you have right in front of you now, it’s not a rehearsal neither is it a joke or a game. You need to fully embrace with both hands what life has to offer you and start creating the life that you want to be living, not the life that others want you to live, or the life that others expect you to be living, but the life that truly resonates within your being. You know what that is and you know what’s best for you. Let me help you with your first steps on your personal journey”.
- Mark G

Personal Trainer Level 3
Life Coaching Diploma Certificate (QCA) approved
Reiki Level 1 & 2 practitioner certified
Shamanic Practitioner
Combatives CQB Hard skills Instructor
BA Honors Economics for Business – University of Westminster
CRB Police Checked – No previous convictions

Favourite Quote:
“Beliefs are shaped by your reference points, if you change your reference points you can begin to create new beliefs”. – Mark G