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iMedix is a community-powered health search engine that allows You to easily find and share health information in order to make better health-related decisions.

You can immediately chat with others that suffer from similar conditions and benefit from reading medical web articles that were ranked by the community.

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Communication is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. We come to know ourselves, form relationships and create communities through interactions with one another. When individuals from distinct groups come together, their background, experiences, culture and language all combine to facilitate the sharing of meaning and understanding through communication. At the same time, this combination which makes us unique or a member of a distinct group can also contribute to perceptions of one another that can limit our ability to communicate effectively.

iMedix allows you to use a popular healthcare social network where you can discuss health treatments, medical treatments, and health conditions using the health community tools iMedix provides.

In health communication, this dynamic process takes on the added dimension of helping one another seek health. One aspect involves "the use of ethical, persuasive means to craft and deliver campaigns and implement strategies that promote good health and prevent disease (Ratzan, 1996, p. v)." In order to help one another, we must be able to share and communicate effectively across cultures. Intercultural communication is woven throughout health communication, and the degree to which we can come to understand one another will enable practitioners and patients to communicate more effectively.

The above paragraph is exactly the essential of iMedix. By helping each other finding the information you need about healthcare you are using a community based healthcare social network to help guide you towards finding the medical treatment your looking for.

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